Wow.. Hope Channel Indonesia Gets the Second Place in the Financial Reporting System

JAKARTA. || Hope Channel Indonesia is ranked second in the financial reporting system for all institutions in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This was announced in the Five-Year Meeting (Year-End Meeting) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Western Indonesia Union Mission.


When confimed by the media, Roni Manurung, the Treasurer of Hope Channel Indonesia, said that he was proud and happy that the teamwork in the finance and the management of Hope Channel Indonesia thus far has resulted in a love that he could be proud of. He continued that this is also surely thanks to God's help.


“Surely, I feel happy and proud because the teamwork in finance and management thus far made this possible and, of course, this is only by God’s grace,” said Roni to the media.


He continued that the ranking that has been achieved shows a reflection to God's people that Hope Channel Indonesia exists to perform its best in its financial management.


"This is a reflection to God's people that Hope Channel is trying to do the best in its management. So, honestly, I am very happy and proud," he explained.


It is also reported that one of the assessments includes the timely financial reporting.


He hopes that this assessment will motivate God’s people to continue contributing financially to Hope Channel Indonesia because Hope Channel Indonesia has given its best to them.


"Yes, I hope that in the future this will be a motivation for God's people to participate more in contributing to Hope Channel because Hope Channel has given its best,” explained Roni.


In addition, Jelly Lukas, the Human Resource and Finance of Hope Channel Indonesia, confirmed the timely financial reporting fulfilled every month when met by the media in her office.


“So, every month we try to always be on time in sending financial reports and reconciliation between Hope Channel and the union," she explained.


She continued that after hearing the information, she felt happy and grateful to God for the achievements that Hope Channel Indonesia had obtained.


“I feel happy because what we worked on turned out to be good and let it be a praise for God's name only. Our God is a God of order, so we as humans must also be organized,” she concluded. (**/red

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